About Us

Tregit is an online marketplace launched in 2020, with lavish and diverse shopping experiences. Providing direct access to the local and global markets.

Tregit is a lebanese registered trademark under the registration number 201787. It is made up of micro, small, and medium businesses in Lebanon and other locations that offer products to international online buyers.


Tregit is a business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer-to-consumer sales service, with cloud computing and payment services as well.



Our Sellers


Tregit facilitates MSMEs to sell to customers all over the world with zero costs. Sellers at Tregit can be either companies or individuals, they can have many but not limited to, benefits as summarized below:


  • Unique branded themes for their stores
  • Uploading unlimited products
  • Open more than one store
  • Multiple variants and plenty of options support
  • Smooth Payment Procedures
  • A rich content management system that allows them to track orders, analyze data, and manage their stores with ease!


Our Objective

Empower MSMEs with a powerful, vast, and global solution to grow their online sales with the least cost


Our Buyers


Tregit provides buyers around the globe, unlike other marketplaces, with unique shopping experiences that expand their options and ease their shopping process. Through our high-level buyer protection procedures, buyers from Tregit can have many but not limited to, benefits as summarized below:


  • Partial and/or full refund
  • Free delivery in the country of residence
  • Enjoy lavish and diverse shopping experiences
  • Cash on Delivery and other easy payment methods


Our Objective


Empower buyers around the world with a powerful marketplace where they can get all their needs from one place. Through an easy, direct, and safe shopping process, with a wide variety of options.

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